Re-mixed acetate

Release:2021-08-24 Views:181
Cellulose acetate is the most commonly used petrol based plastics in eyewear. The process of injecting the acetate plastic into sheet moulds generates a significant amount of waste.
Recently, our factory decided to re-engineer our production process and use this waste to re-introduce it back into the supply chain at the maximum value.
For environmental protection, we preserve material within our production cycle, allowing it to re-enter the supply chain at the highest possible value.
By isolating, sorting, cleaning and reconstituting our own waste, we offer a re-mixed block material for acetate sheet production.

l Cutting and cleaning the acetate waste:
l Sorting the acetate waste:
l Reconstituting to acetate material:

Re-using these materials is dependent on the finish. Some color applications leave this material not able to be re-mixed. Therefore, we will tell you if they can use these re-mixed materials. If interested, please feel free to contact us.